A Few of My Favourite Bits from UK Aware

Danny Carnegie - one of the founders of UK Aware
Danny Carnegie - one of the founders of UK Aware

I’m back in the saddle after spending 3 days up ‘in the smoke’ (that’s London to you missus) attending www.ukaware.com.

I was helping Dave Hampton (the Carbon Coach) to host the speaker panels that were on Friday and Saturday and sat on a panel too on Saturday afternoon.

It was an amazing event – Mr OOFFOO himself, Al Tepper, was there and I had very eco’nversations with the delightful Ruby Wax and the charmingly talented Oliver Heath too.

I could witter on about how much I loved the whole thing, but my calves still haven’t forgiven me! I must have walked 500 miles….

Instead, I thought I’d tell you about my personal favourites in attendance at the show.

1) Morsbags – what smashing ladies (and gents) they are. This is a sociable guerilla bagging group for want of a better description and if you’ve got a sewing machine, you need to visit their site at www.Morsbags.com

2) Nether Wallop Trading – I was honoured to present a little award to them for their Paper Potter….if you’re a keen gardener (and even if you’re not) have a look at this at www.NetherWallopTrading.com

3) 21st Century Network – Francis Sealey chaired the panel I spoke on (Green Futures: Simplicity of Technofix). If you are doing the green thing and want to connect to others doing the same, visit www.21st-CenturyNetwork.com

4) Little Cherry – a wonderfully wide range of eco-friendly party supplies…I especially liked the seed implanted ‘Thank you’ tags! See it all at www.LittleCherry.co.uk

5) Irashai – what’s that you say? Naked Pans I say….for the cooks amongst you who like to cut down your cooking time and work with pans that have absolutely no unpleasant coatings on them, this is for you. Speak to Ngaire Takano for more details and ee the beautiful range at www.Irashai.co.uk

6) Green Oil – Simon was another award winner here (what a pleasure to commend him) for his non-toxic eco-bike lube! He’s also got a refil by the post system in place – genius! Ride on over to www.Green-Oil.net for details.

7) Onya Bags – these little fellas were everywhere and quite rightly so. Aptly named because you carry them on’ya! See this parachute recycled item at www.Onyabags.co.uk

8) The Ecologist – I do love this magazine and it’s soon to go paper freeeee…big decision that, but I reckon it’s the way of things to come. Get your digital subscription at www.TheEcologist.org

9) Incognito – rhymes with mosquito, the little critters. Spend more summer nights in the garden by spraying a little of this non-toxic solution on first and stay bite free. See www.LessMosquito.com for details.

10) CompoViz – an ideal solution for those who think compost bins should only be seen if they’re stylish….lolol….a great idea to be found here at www.Compoviz.com

11) Mule Bar – need something faiirly traded and 100% natural to pick you up and keep you going? It worked for me when coffee didn’t I can tell you and it was delicious too…see www.MuleBar.com

12) The FireWinder – and last, but by no means least, the two most interesting characters from the whole show with a wicked product that does so much more than create a stunning light show in your garden, check out www.FireWinder.com for more (it’s a long story…Tom and Joe, what great guys)…

So there you have it, my best picks from the gig.

My feet are still smarting, but I loved every minute of it…..roll on UK Aware 2010.

Rubbishly yours,

TS x