Rapanui Clothing Launches 2009 Graphic Art Competition

That caught your eye, didn't it!
That caught your eye, didn't it!

The boys at Rapanui are back again with an expansion on their successful competition of 2008 to source up-and-coming designers. For their 2010 Collection, due for release this summer, the lads have made entries available to all.

Mart and Rob were inspired to open the doors to the Rapanui design studio after appointing Eve Ottaway; a recent fashion technology graduate, her insane enthusiasm for the brand made hiring her and putting her in charge of sourcing for 2010 a no-brainer.

Eve has developed a national program to encourage students to get involved and has been up to her neck in PDFs, TIFs, and the rest since. Rob and Mart have decided to keep her busy by opening the competition up to graphics graduates, artists, and doodlers globally.

Rob explained, “We felt at first that the student population was a great way to source new artwork, the universities and art colleges of the UK are brimming with talent. The students get the opportunity to work with a global brand and we get access to the hottest talent.”

The boys were inundated with response and have moved the competition globally to source gifted designers.

Mart told me, “When we thought about the possibilities to expand the competition it seemed like perfect sense to move things globally, so that is what we’ve done!”

Interested artists can email eve@rapanuiclothing.com for further details and a design brief.

Deadline for entries: 10th May 2009

Rapanui Clothing is manufactured using Organic fabrics, Ethical trade and Renewable Energy powered factories. It was recently awarded a finals place at the 2008 Sustainable Business Awards in Southampton, is listed as one of the Top 100 startups of 2008, and has provided bespoke versions of its eco-friendly clothing to Ben and Jerry’s and the Marine Conservation Society.

For more information view the website at: www.rapanuiclothing.com

Or email eve@rapanuiclothing.com

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