Each One Really Does Count!

A fundraising recycling company
A fundraising recycling company

I’m heading up to the big smoke on Monday, by train of course, to meet the guys at Each One Counts.

They run an on-line collection programme for mobile phones and ink jet cartridges and re-manufacture new cartridges for resale.

They also work in conjunction with a collective of charities including Battersea Dog and Cats Home, Cambodia Trust, The Children’s Foundation and The Woodland Trust, encouraging each of them to raise awareness of the EOC scheme and in return they give them a share of the revenue raised.

Around 700 million cartridges were thrown away worldwide in 2003 and this has risen year on year since. The recovery and reuse of toner and inkjet cartridges reduces landfill by millions of cubic feet of non-biodegradable material.  Each discarded empty laser printer cartridge adds approximately 1.5kgs of unnecessary waste. Continue reading “Each One Really Does Count!”

Rubbish on the Radio: to entertain your ears this week

they're not just for the fruit bowl you know...
Bananas: they're not just for the fruit bowl you know...

Happy days!

It’s mid-week – not that I’m wishing the week away – and it’s time for my regular trip to the Apple studios in Taunton to broadcast Slow Down and Green Up to a willing audience.

Today, between 10am and 1pm, I’ll be talking natural face masks with Jude from the local branch of Lush and I’ll be giving you my top tips for making your own versions using the contents of your kitchen cupboards and fridge!

If you have any burning questions to put to her, give me a call in the studio on 01823 342591 and I’ll get you and answer on air.

I’ve also got the lovely Jon Kelly from the Odeon Cinema coming in too.  He pops in every Wednesday to talk about the hot and happening movies of the week, the absolute must see’s and we discuss the new film releases too.  As usual, I’ll be giving away 3 pairs of tickets to go to your local Odeon Cinema to see whatever takes your fancy.

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Got the Sniffles? Ditch a’Tissue….(bless you)…

The only thing you'll want near your poorly beak
The only thing you'll want near your poorly beak

It’s that time of year again.

Actually, in my house, it’s been ‘that’ time of year since the kids broke up for their Christmas holidays!

There have been more coughs and colds going around the village than you could shake a snotty stick at and I’ve been rather dismayed to see one too many empty plastic wrappers for pocket-sized tissues wafting around the streets.

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Rubbish Recipes: My Divine Beetroot Plaits


I’ve been inspired by the ever-increasing number of readers I have of the other recipes here on the blog and I thought I’d post another of my favourites for you to play with.

It’s another bread recipe, fabulously simple and incredibly impressive!

The reason I love sharing my bread recipes with you, is because if you can make bread, you and your family will never go hungry.

This one’s also very inexpensive to make, particularly if you grow a few of the ingredients yourself, you can add lots of leftovers to it too (do go see my Fabulous Rubbish Flatbread recipe if you haven’t done so already) and it helps you realise that not all food comes from the shops;  you ‘can’ be a little self-sufficient….ish…

Have fun with this recipe and do let me know how you get on!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x

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Rubbish on the Radio: Frugal Organic Veggie Boxes and More

Smithy's spreading the green message on the airwaves again
Smithy's spreading the green message on the airwaves again

Morning all!

Oh, I’ve been well and truly told off by my regulars here – lolol – ‘Where’s yer postings missus?’ you’ve been asking.

Well, I must confess, now we’re in 2009, I’ll be sloping off a bit and posting less frequently than once a day, as I have to crack on with my next book, The Great British Downshift which is an incredibly exciting project.

Anyway, I do have a few bits to put on here and will get them up in the coming days (honest guv), but for today, a super shortie!

I’m just about to head off to the radio studio once again (how I love Wednesdays) and between 10 and 1 I’ll be broadcasting ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ on Apple AM

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Rubbish on the Radio: Non-Smelly Eco-Pits and Free Cinema Tickets

Have sustainably non-niffy-pits with a T'eo
Have sustainable non-niffy-pits with a T'eo

It’s Wednesday and time again for my weekly radio show, ‘Slow Down and Green Up’.

Between 10am-1pm today I’ll be skillfully lacing together a 3-hour extention of The Book of Rubbish Ideas, packed full of great music and chat showing you how to live more sustainbly!

Today I’ll also be talking to a very nice lady from Lush about alternatives to those spray can and ball type deoderants – both of which seem to be empty in a heartbeat and one of which you can’t even recycle.

I’ll also  give  you my own personal review of a few of their anti-armpit pong products too.

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Happy New Merry and The Great North Swim

Doing a little 'wild swimming' with my friends
Doing a little 'wild swimming' with my friends


We’re here!

Happy New Year and all that associated malarkey 8) .

I hope your Christmas break was filled with thoughts about how you could be more resourceful with the rubbish you found yourself wading through.  If like me, you managed to miss the bin men, you’re probably still harbouring a stack of recycling for the good truck and a couple of bags of rubbish film and irritating plastic for the bad truck – boy that stuff annoys me.

I’ve had a tremendous break away from all things with plugs on, including computers and it has done me the world of good, but for the latter part of the holiday, I found myself itching to grab a pen and paper and have been merrily scribbling my rubbish thoughts for the blog and for the new book too!  It’s just all too exciting!

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