The Woodland Trust Launches Their Annual Christmas Card Recycling Campaign

Coronation Street's Samia Smith really digs the Christmas Card Recycling Scheme
Coronation Street's Samia Smith really digs the Christmas Card Recycling Scheme

The resources section at the back of The Book of Rubbish Ideas is packed out with some of the most inspirational, eco-friendly innovators and The Woodland Trust is no exception.  

They do incredible work protecting and planting new areas of woodland and ensuring we have lots of lovely clean air to breathe!

Recently, I caught up with Robert Lane from the Trust and asked how the plans were going for this year’s Christmas Card Recycling Scheme and how my readers could get involved.

He told me, “If everyone in the UK recycled just one Christmas card with The Woodland Trust this year, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity would be able to plant 15,000 trees!”

Now imagine how many trees the charity could plant if everyone recycles all their cards in the special bins at W H Smith, Tesco, TK Maxx and Marks & Spencer stores, throughout January. The cards are recycled which generates money, which the Woodland Trust uses to create new woods in the UK.

Actress Samia Smith, who plays Maria Connor in Coronation Street is a keen supporter of the scheme, She said:  “Over one billion Christmas cards will be sent this year, which is a huge amount! Please support the Woodland Trust Christmas Card Recycling Scheme and take your cards along to W H Smith, Tesco, TK Maxx or Marks and Spencer stores to be recycled.  Log onto for more information.”

The public’s efforts last year helped collect 73.6 million cards, bringing the scheme’s 12-year total to 600 million cards recycled. This has enabled us to plant 141,000 trees, save 12,000 tonnes of paper from going to landfill, and stop 16,000 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere; that’s the equivalent of taking more than 5,000 cars off the road for a year. 

Robert concluded: “We’re delighted to have been featured in The Book of Rubbish Ideas and I’d like to ask all your readers to recycle their Christmas cards with us, as the more woodland you help us plant, the more vital habitats we can create. The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with only 12% woodland compared to 44% on the continent. We want to change that with your help!”

Participating Stores
1 UK mainland W H Smith high street stores only – (excludes all W H Smith Travel stores, Isle of Wight, Belfast and Channel Islands).
2 All Tesco supermarkets including selected Express stores
3 All M&S stores including selected M&S Simply Food stores
4 UK and Northern Ireland TK Maxx stores only

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PS: Do have a look around The Woodland Trust’s very informative website and keep an eye out for a competition to be launched soon, where you could win copies of The Book of Rubbish Ideas!