Rubbish on the Radio – 17th December 10am-1pm

‘Tis midweek again  – yippee!

My regular rubbish readers will know I broadcast a radio show called ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ on Apple every Wednesday, between 10am and 1pm (GMT).

I’ve decided not to approach new technology with fear, but to embrace it instead and I’ll be recording a short trailer so you can find out who I’ve got on the show and what I plan to talk about; I might even drop you a few hints about my funky playlist.

I’d love a bit of interaction from you, so plop your random thoughts and dedications into the comments boxes below!

So without further ado and before I tell you everything I’ve just spent the last 2 hours recording, please press play, come join me at 10 and I hope you enjoy the show…oh and for some bizarre reason, YouTube seems to have cut my bottom off…the last bit should say, ‘I’ll even spin you a …. tune’…..!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x

This week’s playlist includes:-
Van Morrison
The Killers
Jane MacDonald
Terry Wogan
Five Star
Engleberry Humperdinkum
….no….just kidding….or am I? You’ll have to listen to find out…