Nothin’ to See, Move Along Now…

Tracey Smith 'not' writing a post for Thursday...
Tracey Smith 'not' writing a post for Thursday...

Morning all,

Just a shortie to let you know, there will be NO rubbish posting today – how rubbish is that!

It’s school play, carol service, mince pie making mayhem at the Smith Towers and I have to keep some sort of handle on my work/life balance you know…

Anyway, this is a perfect opportunity to poke you all and to encourage you to read some of the old postings on here.

Do you realise I’ve written over 100 pieces for the site and in word count terms, there’s more here than there is in the book!

But it’s easy to miss stuff and I’d love you to have a snout through my archive while I get some other rubbish things done.

Head up to the search box in the corner and tap in a rubbish word, anything you like.  I imagine if it’s trashy, I might well have penned something on it already – go on, give it ago.

And if you want a chewier challenge, I urge you to click on the Book Links tab above and scroll down to my Letters for Change.

There’s a little stack of rubbish activism just sitting there, waiting for you to discover it.  Copy out the notes, add the relevant details and Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.

The supermarket note is one of my personal favourites – do let me know how you get on.

Now, for a girl that started this posting saying there was nothing to read today, this is getting remarkably long…

So I’m off!

A normal rubbish service will resume on Friday no doubt.

TS x