How To: Organise Christmas Clothes Swap Party

Gorgeous and organic from Natural Collection
Gorgeous and organic from Natural Collection

Need a new LBD but money’s too tight to mention?

Then take my rubbish advice and squeeze in a quick Clothes Swap Party!

I was chatting to a batty friend over the weekend who informed me that her office Christmas do was coming up and that she had ‘absolutely nothing to wear sweetie!’

Now her definition nothing to wear translates into the reality of having a wardrobe bulging with slinky numbers, but they’ve seen the light of day twice in the last year and if she wore them again her social standing would clearly suffer irrepairable damage.

I suggested she get in touch with a mutual chum of ours who was facing a similar dilemma.

How about they swap a few bits instead of hitting the department stores?

This would save precious shopping time and party money too.

I could see the pound coin drop (she doesn’t deal in pennies) and she shrieked with joy at the idea.

Phew….depression averted.

So if this works for my plummy chum who has more money than common sense, why not see if it could work for you too.

A Clothes Swap Party is super simple to organise and I’ve done all the hard work for you.  In my Book Of Rubbish Ideas I penned a few letters for change, all designed to help you reduce rubbish in various ways and the lovely Thomas, blog administrator extraordinare, has posted them all here.

All you have to do is copy them out, change/add a few words here and there and away you go!

And remember, a successful Clothes Swap party could easily turn into a future Kids Clothes Swap party, or a Children’s Toys Swap party…or Posh Frocks, or Shoes and Boots, or Books…

So reach for your diary and squeeze in a Swap or some sort or other; the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

If time in the coming week just runs away with you, be sure to organise one of these in early January, then you’ll be prepared for all the do’s a New Year’s calender can throw at you!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x

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