The Work/Life Balance: Don’t Have a Rubbish One (and some seriously sneaky peeks at what’s coming next…)

Tracey Smith, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and The Great British DownshiftSeasons Greetings to all,

It’s Christmas Eve and following a short trip to London, I’m now home in the bosom of my lovely family and preparing for a few days of non-work related fun!

For the past five months, with the kind assistance of dear Thomas, I’ve delivered a rubbish post-a-day to tantalise you, to tempt, to engage you with a bit of rubbish reduction and I’ve had some great evidence to show it’s worked.  But you can have too much a good thing you know 🙂 so I’m taking a firm grip of my work/life balance and signing off until the New Year to enjoy a break with the ones I love.

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Farewell rubbish people (and don’t waste water)!

More precious than oil and beer (just).
More precious than oil and beer (just).

Hi everybody. Thomas here is say that, well, this is the last time I’ll be here. For those of you who don’t know me (I have tried to keep a low profile), I’m the guy who originally put this blog together for Tracey on behalf of Sawday’s and  have since been the behind the scenes person who does all the administration and moderation that comes with a popular blog such as this one.

Tracey once described herself as the spontaneous/creative one, while I was the borderline obsessive compulsive/creative one. That pretty much sums us up rather nicely since Tracey comes up with the brilliant ideas and daily posts, and I’m the one who fiddles and tweaks with everything to get it all as functional and consistent as possible.

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Nothin’ to See, Move Along Now…

Tracey Smith 'not' writing a post for Thursday...
Tracey Smith 'not' writing a post for Thursday...

Morning all,

Just a shortie to let you know, there will be NO rubbish posting today – how rubbish is that!

It’s school play, carol service, mince pie making mayhem at the Smith Towers and I have to keep some sort of handle on my work/life balance you know…

Anyway, this is a perfect opportunity to poke you all and to encourage you to read some of the old postings on here.

Do you realise I’ve written over 100 pieces for the site and in word count terms, there’s more here than there is in the book!

But it’s easy to miss stuff and I’d love you to have a snout through my archive while I get some other rubbish things done.

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Rubbish on the Radio – 17th December 10am-1pm

‘Tis midweek again  – yippee!

My regular rubbish readers will know I broadcast a radio show called ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ on Apple every Wednesday, between 10am and 1pm (GMT).

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Rubbish Interview: With Danny Carnegie, creator of UK Aware

Creator of UK AWARE, Danny Carnegie
Creator of UK AWARE, Danny Carnegie

As the founder of UK AWARE, 33-year old Danny Carnegie takes comfort in his perception that he’s just an average Joe. He plays football once a week, he loves snowboarding, he never wears matching socks, he doesn’t enjoy going to weddings, he comes from a one parent family, he lives in a three bed semi in west London and he still works full time as a fire fighter.

He’s just a regular bloke who realises that we, ‘normal’ people/consumers are the ones who hold one of the keys to fighting climate change. He passionately believes that the masses need easy, green options to be as available and acceptable as conventional ones, ‘If they were made accessible, then which sane person wouldn’t choose them?’

What does ‘eco’ mean to you and why are you so motivated to spread the word about living more sustainably?

To me, being eco means living in a way that you can morally justify to yourself whilst considering the impact that your choices have on the world. I also feel it includes gently encouraging people to think a little more about the options they have and the impact that their choices have.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a comfortable modern lifestyle; it just means that you should consider for a moment longer what is really important to you.

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How To: Organise Christmas Clothes Swap Party

Gorgeous and organic from Natural Collection
Gorgeous and organic from Natural Collection

Need a new LBD but money’s too tight to mention?

Then take my rubbish advice and squeeze in a quick Clothes Swap Party!

I was chatting to a batty friend over the weekend who informed me that her office Christmas do was coming up and that she had ‘absolutely nothing to wear sweetie!’

Now her definition nothing to wear translates into the reality of having a wardrobe bulging with slinky numbers, but they’ve seen the light of day twice in the last year and if she wore them again her social standing would clearly suffer irrepairable damage.

I suggested she get in touch with a mutual chum of ours who was facing a similar dilemma.

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Your Rubbish Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it…

Is to take part in my rubbish poll – please click below for the rest of the questions!

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How To: Get Started With Composting

composter-3Recently, I featured a piece by horticultural expert, lecturer and all round nice bloke, Phil Gamble

Today Phil explains the rudimentary basics of composting, how it works and what it does.

In my opinion, wintertime is the perfect time to get a compost heap going.  There are so many delicious vegetables to fill up your plates and here’s how to ensure the peelings don’t fill up your rubbish bags!
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Be The Apple of My Eye

apple-am-logoIt’s Wednesday!

It’s also, quite possibly, my favourite day of the week.

Today I broadcast, Slow Down and Green Up on Apple AM.  It’s the Musgrove Park Hospital Radio channel in Taunton and I’ve been spinning the disks there for a couple of years.

As well as playing some of the best contemporary, modern and classic music tracks, I have an array of excellent guests who have their fingers on the green pulse, I do eco-gadget and new book reviews, I keep you up to speed with UK and world environmental news and of course, I lace it all together with my top tips on how to reduce your rubbish and live a simpler, happier life.

I’ll be in the chair from 10am (GMT) today through to 1pm today and every Wednesday and I’d be delighted if you’d join me for the ride.

All you need to do is hop onto and click on ‘Listen Live‘; for my sins, there’s even a web cam so you can watch the madness unfold in the studio too.

If you’d like me to play you a track, give the studio a call on 01823 342 591 and I’ll see what I can dig out of the library and if you want me to investigate something slow and green, give me a call too.  If I can’t help you immediately, I’ll snout about for the answer and tell you next week.

So please join me for 3 hours of top green entertainment and eclectic banter and I’ll ease you gently into the afternoon.

Rubbishly yours,


Ricochet on the Hunt for Extreme Downshifters


I had a call from a producer at Ricochet (the guys that made the No Going Back series. 

As we have so many readers here who are on a quest for a simpler, happier downshifted life, I thought I’d post her request!

I am interested in talking to people who have made an extreme downshift for a treatment I am writing for a documentary film.

Have you left a metropolitan lifestyle to go and live in the wilds?

Maybe you want a different challenge from life, get off the grid, live off the land or just get out of the rat race.

Maybe you are working a traditional croft in the wilds of Scotland or perhaps you’re living taking 6 months out of the rat race to live an alternative life in a tepee.

If you and your family have made a move like this in the last few years and would like to share you story, please email me ASAP! or call me on 01273 224 800.

Liz Dyson | Senior Producer

Pacific House
126 Dyke Road
Brighton BN1 3TE
T: 01273 224800
F: 01273 770350

Is this you? 

If so, why not give it a go!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x