Celebrating Women in Enterprise, Sustainably!

It’s always lovely when you hear a voice from the past and the other day, I picked the phone up to hear the effervescent tones of Sharon Kilby.

She’s a hard working downshifter (they aren’t dropouts you know!) and some years back, I did my best to help her migrate to a slower paced life in Italy. 

She’s been thriving over there with her family ever since and she still pens pieces occasionally for the UK press, amongst other things.  This week, she’s back here to promote Women’s Enterprise Day. 

I recorded a short film to pull together my thoughts on being a hard-working woman in business and gave my top tips for adopting a sustainable approach and I thought you guys might enjoy it.

Here’s a little bit more about the event.

Women’s Enterprise Day on 19th November will galvanise budding female entrepreneurs and employees across the UK to think big and aim high, despite the difficult economic climate.   

On Women’s Enterprise Day, as part of the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Week, hundreds of events will be held worldwide.  

Guest Speaker at one of this year’s events Sharon Kilby Director of Arthouse PR and Editor of Cream of the West Country explains “Women’s Enterprise Day means a great deal to me as I find sharing information and supporting other women in business to be incredibly uplifting.

It’s all too easy to get engrossed in the day to day issues of running one’s own organisation but actually getting together with other positive and like minded entrepreneurs is beneficial to everyone. 

I plan to cover a number of areas of PR and publicity at the Exeter workshops including many aspects of green and clean promotions that don’t cost the earth.

Over the last three years we have as a business steadily become more and more environmentally conscious and responsible, we are a long way from being a paperless office but we do aim to work effectively whilst only making an impact on our clients’ businesses and not on the planet.”

For more information visit www.enterpriseweek.org.uk or www.businesssupportnetwork.com
Date: 19th November 2008
Location: Buckerell Lodge, Exeter, Devon
Times:  lst session 10.00pm to 1.25pm – 2nd session 2pm to 5.15pm BOOKING PREFERRED
Email: info@businesssupportnetwork.com or call Kath Tatlock on: 01363 773535

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