Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion

Ok, just in case you don’t get my tenuous stab at a Halloween joke, that should be read as, ‘Action’, in a frightened and scary voice…

(All right, all right, it wasn’t that bad!)

As reported here recently, my little village is proudly on the ‘Mulling it Over‘ list of Transition Towns and our monthly meetings to discuss ways of helping our village live more sustainably are going well.

We’ve a good core of regular attendees and general interest on the project is on the rise, which is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of Michael and Sophie, the instigators of our TT initiative.

But of course, to spread the message effectively, we need more that the power of the spoken word; we need photocopies of the written word too! And more importantly, we need a few quid in the pot to pay for them.

So at the last meeting, I came up with the brainwave of tapping into a forthcoming event where we could provide something yummy for a nominal fee and show people what TT is all about.

Thankfully, Halloween is a fairly well-celebrated event here in our little village and almost all the children love dressing up in silly costumes and heading out in search of home made biscuits, sweeties, cake and whatever else they can get their mitts on! It’s a generally quiet affair, there are no thugs out causing trouble, just a bunch of excited young ones walking out with their parents and friends, all having a shriekingly good giggle in the dark!

So tonight, we’re putting on a Soup Kitchen event to warm up the happy wanderers!

We’ll be serving a selection of homemade soups and rolls and (hopefully) generating a few pennies to pay for future marketing necessities.

I’m doing a honey roasted pumpkin soup and I’ve managed to blag half a dozen slightly damaged ones from a lovely local farmer who was going to put them out for pig feed – yippee! The other veggies have been kindly donated from the Magdalen Project, a local organic farm and eco-educational centre, so there should be pots of the stuff to go around and it’ll be a bargain at 50p a mug.

So please pray for no rain this evening or it’ll dampen so many great efforts.

I’ll report back next week with pictures of how it all went and if this has inspired you to think about how your village or town could be more sustainable, please take a look at the Transition Towns website and start things moving!

Rubbishly yours,


PS: I’ll post the other recipes on here later.

In the meantime, be sure to click on the next posting for a step-by-step photo guide to my ‘dead simple’ Honey Roasted Pumpkin Soup!