Great Green Reads

My thanks go to the lovely Melissa Corkhill, Editor of The Green Parent magazine for penning a guest posting today! 

Melissa Corkhill, Editor of The Green Parent magazine


Like our fabulous eco-pioneering host, Tracey, I also have a bit of a thing about libraries – they’re such fascinating and useful places, jammed full of exciting books to be discovered. And if you’re looking for easy, fun ways to green up your life, joining a local library is a good place to start. 

I love books (and magazines too – especially alternative ones!) Which is fortunate given that I produce The Green Parent magazine with my other half. When Tracey invited me to write I thought I’d share some of my favourite green reads for children.

1. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
This was first published in 1971 and as well as being a great example of Seuss’ intermiable rhyming style and fantastical illustrations, it is a book  with a serious ecological message.

2. One World by Michael Foreman
This beautifully illustrated picture book addresses the problem of ocean pollution using the tiny ecosystem of a rockpool to illustrate its point.

3. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Chief Seattle
This book contains the powerful message from Chief Seattle of the Northwest Indian Nations speaking to the American government, 150 years ago. He believed that all life was sacred. Reading it makes me cry.

4. Spirit of the Forest – Tree Tales from Around the World by Eric Maddern
A beautiful cultural book about tree folklore from Wales to Nepal. A magical spellbinging collection.

5. Willie’s Garden by Myra McGee
An inspiring tale of how one boy grows all his own fruit and vegetables, and keeps finding room for more!

6. Dear Greenpeace by Simon James
A whimsical collection of letters, which presents an introduction to this environmental charity in a humorous and enlightening manner.

7. The Flower by John Light
A mesmerising and yet slightly eerie picture book about the importance and vitality of plantlife on our planet.

8. Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon by Jules Bass
I really like the character Herb – he’s a great gentle advocate for vegetarianism – he even practices Non Violent Communication!

9. Big Mama Makes the World by Phyllis Root
The creation story with a difference. I love this warm, joyful book with a central character that is both larger than life and down-to-earth.

10. The Song of the Trees by Kenneth Steven and Lily Moon
A beautiful story of redemption about a young girl who refuses to leave her beloved trees. A picture book with a deeper message.

There are many more of course – this is just an off-the-top-of my head list, which doesn’t include the fantastic non-fiction books about environmental issues for children. If you are interested in discovering more green books for children check out The Green Parent magazine – we review all the latest and greatest green books in every issue. And best of all, subscribe now and you’ll get free natural beauty goodies from Weleda to accompany your annual subscription.

Happy reading! 

Mother of two, Melissa is passionate about green issues and natural parenting. Feeling frustrated at the lack of inspirational parenting magazines on the shelves she launched a magazine for local Brighton parents after the birth of her second daughter. Reader response was so positive that the magazine became national in 2004, and international in 2005. When faced with a little relaxation time, Melissa chooses to take a walk in the woods, read a book, do some yoga or celebrate any occasion with friends, delicious food and good wine.