Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips

Claire Russell from Click4Carbon
Claire Russell from Click4Carbon


I had a lovely chat with a very busy and gorgeous Claire Russell, founder of the recently launched environmental website Click4Carbon, who were featured on Sky News earlier this week.

Here she talks about the concept behind her innovative website and explains why she believes those little things in life really can make a big difference to our environment.






Firstly, could you please tell my readers what Click4Carbon is all about?

Sure, Click4Carbon is a portal to the Internet for the environmentally conscious. We provide helpful hints and tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint. We’re a social network, (an ECOmmunity), where you can register and discuss all things green.

Our goal is to provide various products and services all with the promise that revenues generated will be used to fund forestation projects.

What makes it different from other ‘green’ sites?

We know that people want to do their little bit for the environment, but they understand that there has to be a balance. Being conscious of your environment and leading a modern lifestyle are not mutually exclusive. We believe that if we can show ‘Joe Bloggs’ how easy it is to lead a greener life, together we really can make a difference.

We also recognise the fact that most users don’t want to pay more for a product or service in order to help the environment. This is why we have teamed up with the likes of PriceRunner, Superbreak and Cottages4You and will be integrating their facilities directly into our site. A one stop shop so to speak.

How does Click4Carbon help the environment?

Profits generated from usage of our site are used to fund forestation projects.

Revenues are generated from simple things such as searching the Internet or from the banner advertising displayed throughout the site. Also, from visiting sponsored links or by purchasing products and services directly from our site.

Additionally we provide users with a wealth of information in order that they can make changes in their own lives.

Tell me more about these forestation projects?

We work closely with the Plant a Tree Today Foundation (PATT); a UK Registered Charity. PATT was formed in 2005 with a mission to react to problems caused by the massive and increasing levels of deforestation worldwide, raise awareness and educate children about environmental issues and the role forests play in our daily lives, take action against climate change, and to PLANT MORE TREES.

And, finally, can you tell us some of your best ‘rubbish tips?

Funnily enough, we’ve just published our top ten tips to live a greener lifestyle!

We think that the most important one is to calculate your carbon footprint before you do anything. You need a starting point and a goal to work towards. Our carbon calculator not only compares your individual/family footprint against the average of country you live in but there is also a fun aspect where you can add your footprint calculation to the likes of Facebook and MySpace and compare against your friends.

We’ve tried to compile a list of tips that are easy to adopt and that don’t necessarily mean that you have make major lifestyle changes, which is similar to the concept of our site and the services that we provide.

Simple things like cutting down on the amount of rubbish your produce and re-using rubbish such as paper, envelopes, wrapping paper and greeting cards for creative play with children saves money as well as helping the environment. With 2 small children I know how expensive it can be and we all know that at Christmas time it’s the large box that the main present came in that gets more use than the present itself.

Thank you Claire – I am sure Click4Carbon is going to be a raging success!

Do hop over and check out their website, but take a cuppa with you – there’s a lot to see and it’s well worth the time investment.

Their carbon calculator is brilliant, dead easy to work your way through and a real must if you’re trying to spread the good, green word via your website. Check it out and work out the size of your footprint!

Rubbishly yours,