Book links and Letters for Change

We're helping you to find the info you need
We're helping you to find the info you need!

Hi everybody

Just a quick post from me today to let you know about a new feature of the blog. If you haven’t noticed it already then there is now a tab at the top of screen titled Book Links. This tab will take you to a new page that lists all the features of the blog that Tracey talks about in The Book of Rubbish Ideas. So now, instead of searching through this blog to find the bits and pieces that the book refers to, you can simply find the links all neatly listed on the Book Links page. Of course, as this blog is a work in progress not all the features are available yet but they are all on their way. 

Another feature of the book are the 6 Letters for Change’ that Tracey suggests you use to initiate change in your own community. One of these letters is the letter to the supermarkets about packaging, which Tracey has discussed at length in her ‘Calling All Armchair Activists!‘ post (and it’s been brilliant to see that many of you have already taken action on that.) 

Now all the letters from the book have been posted online so instead of retyping the text yourself, you can simply cut and paste from this blog. The links to those letters can also be found on the Book Links page.

Hopefully, this will make your letter and email writing campaigns a little easier. Remember that these letters are simply to get you started so by all means adapt them and change them to best suit you. Finally, please feel free to leave comments to let us know how you get on.

Have a terrific weekend