How To: Make Honey Roasted Pumpkin Soup – a photo guide

Follow this 'dead easy' recipe to fill hollow Halloween tummies
Follow this 'dead easy' recipe and fill up your hollow Halloween tummies! Would you like to lift this photo shoot to put on your website? No problem! Just drop me a line

If you’re planning on carving out a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween, here’s a great way of turning the leftover scoopings into something utterly delicious to warm you up when you get home.

It’s best served hot, with chunks of tasty bread for dipping and mopping.

Pumpkins will be around for a few weeks more and they’ll be super cheap once Halloween is over and done with, so you might be able to bag yourself a bargain at the greengrocers too.

This is also a fun recipe to cook up with a friend, so why not take Jamie Oliver’s great advice and share the fun by passing it on!


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Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion

Ok, just in case you don’t get my tenuous stab at a Halloween joke, that should be read as, ‘Action’, in a frightened and scary voice…

(All right, all right, it wasn’t that bad!)

As reported here recently, my little village is proudly on the ‘Mulling it Over‘ list of Transition Towns and our monthly meetings to discuss ways of helping our village live more sustainably are going well.

We’ve a good core of regular attendees and general interest on the project is on the rise, which is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of Michael and Sophie, the instigators of our TT initiative. Continue reading “Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion”

Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips

Claire Russell from Click4Carbon
Claire Russell from Click4Carbon


I had a lovely chat with a very busy and gorgeous Claire Russell, founder of the recently launched environmental website Click4Carbon, who were featured on Sky News earlier this week.

Here she talks about the concept behind her innovative website and explains why she believes those little things in life really can make a big difference to our environment. Continue reading “Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips”

You Great Knit!

My wierd and wonderful wool

Where is your Nan when you need her most?

Unfortunately, my lovely Nan passed away many years ago, but I remember her voice, laughter and cuddles like she was here only yesterday.

She taught me so much; how to be patient, how to cook, how to grow a few things in the garden, how to enjoy your own company and how to knit, amongst others.

Most of the important stuff has remained lodged in my head but the knitting thing has been sadly lost with the passage of time.  Well, I say lost, it’s not completely gone, I remembered a few of the basics and felt sure it would all come flooding back if I could just find a prompt.

…and find a prompt I did! Continue reading “You Great Knit!”

More on Norfolk’s “Waste Free Week”

Kate McFarland bin diving
Kate McFarland bin diving

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I wanted to get Kate McFarland’s thoughts on the story in the Norfolk Evening News about Norfolk’s “Waste Free Week”, as she is the Assistant Waste Partnership & Strategy Officer at Norfolk County Council and a regular trashy pundit. And true to form, she quickly got back to me and this is what she had to say: Continue reading “More on Norfolk’s “Waste Free Week””

Norfolk Steps Up to the Rubbish Mark

Karen Cannard and her bin. Photo courtesy of St. Edmundsbury Borough Council
Karen Cannard and her bin. Photo courtesy of St. Edmundsbury Borough Council

Whilst trawling the Net for my usual daily hit of rubbish news, I came across an interesting piece by Kate Scotter who’d penned a piece for the Norfolk Evening News.

It asked, Can you go a week without rubbish?

As we have regular readers and contributors from that part of the world, namely the lovely Karen Cannard, creator of The Rubbish Diet and an equal smasher Kate McFarland, Assistant Waste Partnership & Strategy Officer at Norfolk County Council, I just couldn’t resist highlighting the story! Continue reading “Norfolk Steps Up to the Rubbish Mark”

It’s Time for Toilet ‘Re-Training’

With the monopoly money figures of dodgy bank dealings now turning into real money that we taxpayers will be footing the bill for, one way or another people are heartily sick of seeing their money go ‘down the pan’.

A few years back whilst idly watching the Dragons Den, I discovered a clever little device that saves money and wasted water from going the same way; it’s a flush inhibitor kit, easy to fit in your loo cistern and it’s called the Interflush.

The lav is the biggest single user of water in the house, accounting for 60 of the (average) 150 litres we each use per day.

For the past 150 years or so we’ve got into the habit of flushing a whole cistern full of it after each visit, at approximately 10 litres a pop! Continue reading “It’s Time for Toilet ‘Re-Training’”

It Makes Home Scents!

It’s always great to hear from a friend with some hot eco-news, especially when it recognises their hard work and commitment to spreading the good, green word.

Today, I received a note from the lovely Judith Mathias, co-founder of Home Scents and Baby Scents up in Northumberland.

Alongside husband John, she produces a range of natural products that are, ‘kind to us and the planet and that keep your environment free of toxins‘.

They believe that totally pure products with honest labelling are the way forward; they’re against animal testing and do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals either. Continue reading “It Makes Home Scents!”

Who Would You Give the Landfill Prize to?


I came across the Landfill Prize earlier this year whilst chatting to my good friend author Carl Honoré, who’d been signed up as a judge; incidentally, he’s also one of my celebrity case studies in the book.

The Landfill Prize was the brainchild of John Naish, author of another great read, Enough: Breaking Free From the World of More and another of my celebrity case studies in the book!

Here are a few words from the man himself: Continue reading “Who Would You Give the Landfill Prize to?”

How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards

Click on all the pictures to get a whopper view of what I've been up to.

Oh, I’ve been a naughty chick today.

I really should have been tap, tap, tapping away on the keyboard, but my dear chum Izzy twisted my arm and convinced me I needed to accompany her on a visit to a couple of local craft shops instead – so I did

We hung up our usual weekday workie hats and had a bit of girlie respite, which was very restorative indeed.

We set off with a tiny budget and a mission; we wanted to gather a few essentials for card making projects – have you seen how expensive they are in the stores these days?  I haven’t bought one for years, but I poked my head into a high street favourite the other day on reconnaissance and spluttered and choked at the prices! Continue reading “How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards”