The Naked Truth

There's hardly a plastic bottle in sight - just the way i like it.
A sea of refillable blue glass

Yesterday was quite a day.

I churned out a batch of back-to-back interviews for the BBC, hoofing from one county to the next with effortless ease, all from the comfort of my local studio in Somerset and I had a really insightful time.

Some of the questions we’re positively deep and meaningful. Some of the braver presenters cherry-picked some of the saucy tips from the bedroom and other areas and I found myself recommending they go make some Naked Pizza on more than one occasion.

But one of the topics that came up repeatedly was that of cleaning the house and the body. I must say, I answered them all honestly and I think some of DJ’s were shocked by my answers, but I suspect secretly, they fancied giving a few ideas a go.

In a nutshell, I recommended that people stop being so manic about cleaning BOTH the house and the body, particularly the body!

If you strip your delicate personage of all of its natural oils with a daily shower or bath, it’ll be no wonder you have dry or unbalanced skin! The funny thing is, quite often, folks will smear a cream or potion all over their body afterwards to compensate for how tight their skin feels – how bizarre!

I suggested they cut this routine right down, particularly for hair washing, as the body would be working overtime to try and restore the natural oils that it’s just been stripped of.

If you go through the barrier (which is often more a mental than physical one) by not washing your mop for a fortnight, your brain would eventually get the message and would tone down its sebum production. You could then migrate towards a weekly hair wash or perhaps even more infrequently than that and you’d soon find a dramatic improvement in the condition of your mane. You would, of course, also notice a distinct reduction in the amount of plastic bottled products you bring into the house for your ablutions too!

The body is a very clever unit and it responds to everything you do to it. If you give it a chance to be ‘itself‘ it might just reward you with an even more glowing appearance.

Anyway, for those of you who have the stomach for it, here’s my routine, like it or lump it and I invite anyone who thinks I might smell like a tramp to sniff me out and judge for yourself!

I shower maybe once or twice a month.

I indulge in a bath maybe once or twice a month. When I do, I put in a handful of Tidmans Dead sea salt and a few drops of my chosen essential oil. I don’t always wash my body with soap when I’m in it and am happy for the water and salt to do a perfectly good job instead.

I certainly don’t wash my body every day and if I do have a sloosh, I’ll use water and a little organic soap.

I wash my hair two or three times a month and its in gorgeous condition if I say so myself.

I don’t use body creams, I’ll occasionally use a Lush cocoa butter bar if I want a little extra moisture.

I don’t use soap on my face and haven’t done so for years – I have no (well, very few) wrinkles. more like laughter lines just around my eyes. I clean and moisturise my face in one go with a few drops of oil and that’s it! In recent years, I’ve been using one from Neal’s Yard Remedies (with geranium and rose oils in it) which was around £14 a bottle and it lasted me about 9 months. When it ran out, I just made my own using sweet almond oil or grape seed oil as the carrier (base oil) and I added a few drops of my favourite essential oils for a lovely smell, often favouring grapefruit and lemon, rosemary and rose. I’m now also trying an oil from Monty’s range to see how it performs and it’s all very good so far.

I use a beautiful shampoo and conditioner from Herb UK‘s Organics range which contains no plastic (lots of shampoos do you know..) (they also do the Tints of Nature colours) and buy it in the salon sized bottle and it lasts my family of 5 for well over a year.

I don’t paint my nails. I don’t dye my hair. I use Dr. Haushka‘s make up very occasionally (preferring to let my skin go au natural) and Burt’s Bees lip colours, which are made from honey and are just lovely.

I don’t use perfume any more, I use a few drops of my favourite oils behind the ears and currently favour coconut, because it feels ‘sunshiney’!

I use a rock crystal deodorant from Botanicals which is excellent and I probably only use it once a week at that…

So there you have it. My beauty routine (or lack of it) up for all to see!

As I said before, your body is an incredible and beautifully organic being – you should try letting it simply ‘be’.

If nothing else, you’ll save yourself a fortune in bottles and your pheromones might just have the perfect opportunity to attract a gorgeous mate…

Rubbishly yours,