Rubbish News: A Round Up From Around the World

You’d be surprised how widely reported ‘rubbish’ stories are.

It’s not just us you know, the issue of rubbish is of worldwide concern.

Here’s a collective of what’s been making the papers recently in: Continue reading “Rubbish News: A Round Up From Around the World”

Mirth on Monday

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I do love a good giggle to start my week and thought I’d break away from the norm (whatever the ‘norm’ is, that is) and share a few of my favourite rubbish cartoons with you instead. Continue reading “Mirth on Monday”

You’re Helping to Keep the Glass Half Full

NACOA is a fabulous little charity, but one that you might not have come across before.

The abbreviation stands for The National Association for Children of Alcoholics and it has a very dear place in my heart.

I am a child of an alcoholic (COA) and some of my earliest childhood memories are of mum drinking and of the resulting chaos it often caused.

She died just over 2 years ago to the illness and lay dead on the floor of her flat for about a week before she was found.  It was about as grim as it could ever be, but compounded by the fact that she probably died on my 40th birthday and/or Mothers Day – how ironic. Continue reading “You’re Helping to Keep the Glass Half Full”

Why Oh Why Join the WI?

I received a letter yesterday from my county branch of the Women’s Institute. Last year, I became a speaker for my local circuit and they were asking if I’d like to be considered to run for another term.

I must say, just getting onto their coveted list proved to be quite an ordeal. In the first instance you have to be invited and then you have to go for a knee-knocking audition. All the heads of the WI’s from around the county sit in a cavernous, echoy great hall and the candidates line up dutifully in the corridor, waiting to perform in their allotted time slot, in front of a clipboard-wielding, very attentive audience.

I remember the day of my audition well; it was roastingly hot and sunny and I drove to the venue with the window open and arrived looking like my locks had been pulled through the proverbial hedge backwards. Whilst I wasn’t exactly nervous about the experience of talking en mass, I did have a slight bellyache about what on earth I thought I might be able to teach the sustainable living stalwarts of the WI.

Let’s face it, if there’s a lesson to be had on thrift, making good, being crafty or knocking up a vat of jam, they’re your man so to speak. Continue reading “Why Oh Why Join the WI?”

The Naked Truth

There's hardly a plastic bottle in sight - just the way i like it.
A sea of refillable blue glass

Yesterday was quite a day.

I churned out a batch of back-to-back interviews for the BBC, hoofing from one county to the next with effortless ease, all from the comfort of my local studio in Somerset and I had a really insightful time.

Some of the questions we’re positively deep and meaningful. Some of the braver presenters cherry-picked some of the saucy tips from the bedroom and other areas and I found myself recommending they go make some Naked Pizza on more than one occasion.

But one of the topics that came up repeatedly was that of cleaning the house and the body. I must say, I answered them all honestly and I think some of DJ’s were shocked by my answers, but I suspect secretly, they fancied giving a few ideas a go. Continue reading “The Naked Truth”

Rubbish movies – Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads

See the full rubbish flatbread recipe.

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What About China?

Hi everybody, Thomas here.

Call it shameless cross promotional if you will, but I thought it would be a good way to start the week by introducing you all to the What About China? blog. The What About China? book was released in July this year and as we have done with this blog, we created the What About China? blog to provide further discussion and information online.

Your may be wondering what a title like What About China? is supposed to suggest. Well, the idea behind the book and the blog was that at the moment there are many awkward questions about climate change flying about and many people hide behind these questions to avoid taking responsibility by doing their bit. So we want to provide the answers to those questions in order to counter the excuses that people use to avoid reducing their carbon footprint.

One of the classic questions is “What is the point of doing anything about climate change, when China opens a new power station every week”. Hence, “What About China?” The answer to that question is actually quite simple and a little scary – Continue reading “What About China?”

Spend a Few Pounds, Save a Few Pounds More

One of Tobias Wong's Sun Jars from SUCK UK
One of Tobias Wong's Sun Jars from SUCK UK

There are lots of ways to reduce the size of your bin without incurring any cost whatsoever.

For example, if it’s a composter you’re after, you could always knock something together from a couple of old pallets, which are readily available on many industrial estates if you ask nicely.

But there are also many items that require a degree of investment and they’ll make your quest a little easier. In the book I named a few of my favourites and I could have listed dozens more, but there just wasn’t enough space!

So for today’s entry, I’ve listed a few more great, green products that might be able to nudge you even closer to a Zero Waste Week. Continue reading “Spend a Few Pounds, Save a Few Pounds More”

Rubbish Interview – Debra Rawling: Case Study in The Book of Rubbish Ideas

The inspirational family Rawling
The inspirational family Rawling - Debra, Emily and Jeremy

It all started when we became friends with Tracey & Ray some years back. It was great to have found other people like us who had had enough of the “more-better-best” rat race and who wanted something else out of life. We met up and realised how much we had in common. Tracey & Ray were so much further along the path and we were just taking our first steps.

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We’re Getting More Creative in the Crunch!

As belts are tied even tighter, millions admit to becoming more resourceful and crafty.

According to a new report, 80% of British consumers admit to releasing their creative flair in light of the economic downturn, seeking alternative means of stretching the pound through arts, crafts and do-it-yourself-style activities. One in four has converted their home into a self-sustainable eco-system by planting fruit and vegetables in window boxes and back gardens.

The research, commissioned by 100% organic juice and smoothie firm, Grove Fresh, looks at how the more basic things in life can often be the most rewarding and satisfying. With the economic climate in slow decline, the report reveals that Brits are becoming more practical and inventive. Continue reading “We’re Getting More Creative in the Crunch!”