They’re Green Through and Through!

Love all your Greens!
Love all your Greens!

The Green family are something else again!

Mr, Mrs and Little Miss Green are all passionate about the environment, so much so, they’ve breathed life into an inspirational website called ‘My Zero Waste’.

As well as entertaining and educating their readers about a wide range of rubbish flavoured topics, they are also gearing up for their ‘Zero Waste Pledge’. If you hop over there and add your support, you could win yourself an eco-goodie that’s actually worth having.

Since June, the Green family have been gradually reducing the amount of weekly rubbish put out for landfill and they were originally inspired by Almost Mrs Average’s ‘Rubbish Diet’ and an article they read on how plastic is affecting marine life.
An average week’s rubbish for the Green’s used to be around 100 litres – 1 metal dustbin and 2 swing bin liners.

This week, they put out just 95 grams!

During the first week in September, they are taking their goal to the ultimate. Can they create NO rubbish for a week?

They want you to join in too! Not by going zero waste, but by doing something to reduce your landfill waste that week.

The Green’s have a list of pledges on their site ranging from ‘I will take my own reusable bag to the shop’, to ‘I will recycle my tetrapaks’. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned recycler, you’ll find something you can pledge to do.

In exchange for your pledge and by going back to the site during the first week in September to comment on your progress, you’ll be in with the chance of winning some fabulous prizes.

They have managed to rally the support of some generous companies including Ecover, Neals Yard and Ethical Superstore. All of the prizes are made from recycled materials, are fully recyclable at the end of their life or will help you to reduce landfill waste in your own life.

They’ve also bagged thousands of points from More Eco, the loyalty scheme that awards you ethical points, which you can win too.

You can earn 200 points for mentioning the ‘My Zero Waste’ and ‘More Eco’ site and a further 50 points for comments that you leave on the My Zero Waste website during the pledge and win challenge! Couldn’t be easier.

The aim of the challenge is to inspire people to have a go at reducing their waste. Mrs Green told me, ‘We want people to feel good about what they can do instead of feeling bad about what they can’t’; I think I may have used that phrase myself once or twice in the past!

She goes on to say, ‘It doesn’t matter if you recycle just one more can, because if every person in the UK recycled one more can that would be 60 million cans saved from the landfill. Collectively, we can make a massive difference and have a huge impact on the environment’.

The greens hope that by making small changes, people will feel empowered to do more, just one step at a time.

The Green family keep a daily blog, which charts their progress and includes details of their weekly weigh in’s, their mishaps, successes and mistakes and share various news stories on waste and recycling. In addition, the readers can take part in polls, read ‘how to’ articles, join in with discussions and sign up for monthly challenges.

The site is warm-hearted, written from the soul; it’s honest with a good sense of humour and tackles some important topical issues.

Go make your pledge today!

Rubbishly yours,