Rubbish Videos – What’s Coming Soon?

What better way is there to get a message across, than to actually show it to you?

I love making films and have a little stack of them being edited as we speak (well, write, but you know what I mean)…

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be showing you: –

  • How to make flatbreads – quite the most delicious snack, easy to make and a perfect accompaniment to a dish of hummus…
  • How to get started with a compost bin and a wormery – this is going to be one short video though, you just lift the lid and sling it in!

  • Alternatives for washing your smalls – and I’m not talking about farming it out either. See how soapnuts, eco balls, bicarbonate of soda and soda crystals perform and you might never buy another box of washing powder again…
  • 5 easy ways essential oils can reduce the size of your rubbish bin – those little glass jars are incredibly versatile and can cut out the need for many other things.
  • Upside down tomato plants for your non-garden – this has to be seen, to be believed. No garden, no problem, all I need is a wall, a plant and a plastic bottle…
  • Involve the kids with your rubbish reduction – cook up pizza together! I’ll show you just how easy it is to replace those plastic wrapped, polystyrene based supermarket pizzas with something that’s a fraction of the cost, a joy to prepare with your children and heaven to eat!
  • Cleaning the house the eco-friendly way – there are no toxic bottles or sanitising tins under my sink. I’ll show you all you need to do a great job, save money and cut back on those horrible squirty guns.

As well as a great selection of ‘How To’ movies, I’ll also be conducting interviews with people who are true movers and shakers, including Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement and Professor Alan Rogers, Head of Science at the British Antarctic Survey.

Find out how your small and simple changes towards rubbish reduction can really have a profound effect on our local and global environments.

Also, if there’s anyone you think I should be talking to, drop me a line in the comments box below and let me know who and why. If it’s feasible, I’ll do my level best to do it!

In the meantime, let’s kick things off with a crackly old shortie I did for Channel 5 News last year on ‘Sustainable Living and the Work Life Balance’ – it’s an old ‘un but a good ‘un, hope you enjoy it!

Rubbishly yours,