Hamster Goes in Search of Soup

I had a bit of a frantic afternoon yesterday.

The phone rang a little after 5pm and it was the admission’s lady from the local hospital. They were offering me a cancellation slot for a bit of surgery I need – nothing serious I might add, before you reach for the phone to send flowers and fruit…

It’s my wisdom fangs you see, irritating extras so they are and this morning I’ll be donning one of those attractive little gowns that leave the spots on your bottom on show to the world and his wife and I’ll be off to have them whipped out.

Thankfully, yesterday was veg box delivery day and I have a selection of delicious yummies that will be either honey roasted or just plain chopped, cooked and blitzed into soups, because my poorly chops won’t feel up to much for a few days.

Thankfully, my husband isn’t afraid of the oven but soups aren’t really his thing. It’s normally my department and I love transforming a few leftovers into delicious soups that warm the very soles of your feet – ideal for a chilly August.

Recipes are inspirational but it’s not essential you follow them word for word. Lots of people are put off of adapting them if they haven’t got the full set of ingredients, because they don’t have the confidence to just give it a go.

With around a third of the food we buy in the UK still being thrown away unused – which tot’s up to about £420.00 pa for the average family according to the Love Food Hate Waste Campaignlearning how to knock up some simple soups will make your budget stretch further, reduce the size of your bin and make you feel great about being so inventive!

I say, throw the rulebook out of the window, sling a few things in a pot and see what happens! It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a soup and you’ll open a whole new world of flavour if you can master the art of making a drop of stock from your stripped meat and fish bones too.

I’ve got stacks of cookery books, but imagine with the kids still on holiday and me out of action, Ray will want to do quick and easy food, so I’ve had a quick look around on the Internet for some simple recipes and I found hundreds of them!

Riverford’s Soup Recipes

Veg Box Soup Recipes

Better Recipes, Better Meals

Cook UK Soups

The Vegetarian Society Selection

Many of them will turn raw and cooked food into an ideal treat for a fat-cheeked hamster.

Have a look yourself, give one a try and let me know how you get on!

Back soon,