Sample pages – Kitchen

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

Tracey is understandably still not quite up to resuming her wonderful work here just yet so to I thought I’d leave you with another set of sample pages from the book (which is now less than a month away from being published!) I’ve uploaded the chapter on the Kitchen, which is a great example of how Tracey approaches each room in the house to completely de-clutter it and provide stacks of hints and ideas on how you can reuse, recycle and reduce. Many of the things Tracey mentions elaborate on some her posts on this blog about food rubbish, plastic rubbish and household rubbish.

Read the Kitchen Chapter from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

Plenty to read over the weekend – enjoy!


Samples pages – Introduction

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

While Tracey is taking a much deserved breather after her visit to the hospital yesterday, I thought I’d post some samples pages from The Book of Rubbish Ideas. I’ve selected the Introduction as it gives a great overview of what the book will be all about:

Read the Introduction to The Book of Rubbish Ideas


PS Tracey is fine by the way but just needs a day off to recover. She’s aiming to be back online by tomorrow so we’ll hear from her then.

Hamster Goes in Search of Soup

I had a bit of a frantic afternoon yesterday.

The phone rang a little after 5pm and it was the admission’s lady from the local hospital. They were offering me a cancellation slot for a bit of surgery I need – nothing serious I might add, before you reach for the phone to send flowers and fruit…

It’s my wisdom fangs you see, irritating extras so they are and this morning I’ll be donning one of those attractive little gowns that leave the spots on your bottom on show to the world and his wife and I’ll be off to have them whipped out.

Thankfully, yesterday was veg box delivery day and I have a selection of delicious yummies that will be either honey roasted or just plain chopped, cooked and blitzed into soups, because my poorly chops won’t feel up to much for a few days.

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The UK’s Economic Downturn Will Put Sustainable Living on the Rise

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Charles Bean, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England warned today in a news report on the BBC, that the current global financial slowdown could “drag on for some considerable time”.

He was hopeful that growth would begin to pick up again next year and that inflation would also “drop back”, but he also understood that the squeeze on household incomes could create social issues.

I believe these ‘social issues’ will include an influx of cheap consumables and foodstuffs being shipped in from overseas and sold ‘out the back of the lorry’, rises in petty theft and shoplifting. Some supermarkets have even taken to security tagging joints of meat in an effort to discourage their light-fingered visitors.

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Rubbish News: A Sign of ‘The Times’ Ahead

Fruit trees in the high streets
Might we have fruit trees lining our streets?

I was interviewed recently by esteemed journalist Laurel Ives on the subject of downshifting and the piece popped up today in the ‘Body and Soul’ section of ‘The Times‘.

The article was about another of my favourite subjects; downshifting. It’s entitled, ‘How to cope with life in overcrowded cities’ with the subtitle, ‘Daily life on our cramped little island is stressing us out, but there are plenty of ways to beat the crush’.

The story threw up some very interesting statistics that I immediately thought of in terms of the problems we face today with landfill sites and the ultimate disposal of our rubbish.

The article stated, ‘Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that population density in England is already almost double that of Germany and four times the figure for France. By 2056 our population will have grown from 60 million to 68 million – 1,349 people stuffed into every square mile.’

That’s quite some hike!

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Your ‘Toxic Moment’ May Be Coming…

Ditch bottles and boxes - go soapnuts!
Ditch bottles and boxes - go soapnuts!

A toxic moment?

What on earth are you talking about woman?

(Note: ‘on earth’ being the important words here.)

I had my definitive toxic moment in 2005 – here’s a little background to it.

I was researching for an article I was writing on cleaning products, having read yet another piece on the rising rates of respiratory illnesses and skin complaints and the links that were being made to the toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaning goods.

Further investigation found a very provocative piece on the BBC news website talking about, ‘Chemicals found in perfumes and cleaning products crossing the placenta and reaching the baby in the womb’; see below for further details.

Generally speaking, the manufacturers tell us the levels of chemicals used in these products are ‘safe’ and ‘their’ research supports this, but nobody has tested for problems caused by the cumulative effects to the users of Chemical Cleaning Product A, Product B, C, D, E and so on…

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Great, Green London (and Minimal Rubbish)

Not too many crowds to battle by the fountain at Trafalgar

I’ve just returned from one of the most satisfying short-breaks I’ve ever had.

I didn’t go far, I didn’t spend much either and my carbon footprint almost had a halo on it.

I swapped houses with a great friend (who also has 3 children) and it was fab! No money changed hands, we had no faff or palaver with check in and out times, no flight to catch or be delayed with, we had a fridge and cupboards full of ‘normal’ food and there wasn’t a disposable sachet of shampoo or shower gel in sight and no individual tea-bags wrapped in bizarre paper overcoats either.

It really was ‘a home from home’ with all the comforts that come with it and the simple fact that it was a different set of walls to knock around in made it feel like a proper holiday.

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Who are Alastair Sawday Publishing?

The lovely Sawdays eco-offices just outside of Bristol
The lovely Sawday's eco-offices just outside of Bristol

Hi everybody – this is Thomas and I thought I’d write today’s post to give Tracey a day off. I guess I’m what you would call the administrator/moderator of this blog but it is probably far more accurate to describe me as the guy who tweaks and fiddles with things and often stares at the screening muttering, “What have I done? Why has that right hand column vanished?”.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit on behalf of Alastair Sawday Publishing, as we are the folks publishing Tracey’s book. I don’t want this to come across as if we’re simply blowing our own trumpet as I think it will be of genuine interest to people who are interested in what Tracey’s is up to. You can be assured she’s being published by a company that walks the walk as well as talking the talk. Continue reading “Who are Alastair Sawday Publishing?”

Rapanui Clothing Take All the Wrappers Off

George Drake-Knight, taking almost all his wrappers off...
George Drake-Knight, taking almost all his wrappers off...

I love companies who are ‘what it says on the tin’ and the ethical guys at Rapanui Clothing certainly tick that box and are ramping things up a notch and aiming for gossamer transparency too.

They make and stock a range of limited edition, natural, organic and ethically sourced garments and started as an underground t-shirt maker on the Isle of Wight. With degrees in Business and Renewable Energy between them, the Drake-Knight brothers Martin and Rob founded the company on an ambitious sustainable business model. It quickly established itself amongst the most ethically progressive clothing companies around.

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They’re Green Through and Through!

Love all your Greens!
Love all your Greens!

The Green family are something else again!

Mr, Mrs and Little Miss Green are all passionate about the environment, so much so, they’ve breathed life into an inspirational website called ‘My Zero Waste’.

As well as entertaining and educating their readers about a wide range of rubbish flavoured topics, they are also gearing up for their ‘Zero Waste Pledge’. If you hop over there and add your support, you could win yourself an eco-goodie that’s actually worth having.

Since June, the Green family have been gradually reducing the amount of weekly rubbish put out for landfill and they were originally inspired by Almost Mrs Average’s ‘Rubbish Diet’ and an article they read on how plastic is affecting marine life.
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